About Us

Experience Precision in Motion

Who We Are

Founded in 1988, GSC Logistics provides drayage services to importers and exporters in the Bay Area. Since then, services expanded to include drayage, over-the-road, cross-dock deconsolidation and transloading services in the Bay Area and Pacific Northwest.

Our job is to execute as precisely as possible with no surprises

We focus, plan, measure to ensure high performance. The first step is to ask all the right questions and then some. From there we draw a plan of action that misses nothing, execute it with precision and then evaluate every minute of the way to determine how we can do our best each and every time.

No surprises mean eliminating time spent on troubleshooting.

GSC Logistics offers proactive communication and when we see a possible issue coming up the road, we will notify you right away along with suggestions for the best possible outcome. Our personnel can provide this information via phone, email or text as well as automatic notification via EDI it eliminates using your valuable time troubleshooting. 

The best people make it happen!

We believe that the growth and opportunity of each individual in our organization translates into the absolute best service for our customers. We hire, train and reward each member of our team for being the best in the business.

Our unrelenting mission:

  • We will seek, define and understand your unique requirements right down to the tiniest detail
  • We will commit all human and financial resources necessary to meet each of your objectives.
  • We will maintain a zero-defects performance standard.
  • We will hire, train and reward the best people in the business in order to help you exceed the expectations of your customers.

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