GSC Expands Unique Green Truck Program

  • GSC Expands Unique Green Truck Program


    OAKLAND, Calif. — GSC Logistics, Inc, an industry leader in the field of Third Party Logistics Services, is entering the second phase of its’ successful Truck Assistance Program (TAP). GSC launched TAP phase 1, a voluntary initiative, in September 2009. The program helps Independent Owner Operators replace their trucks, as per the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) regulations, with newer, more fuel efficient, and clean emissions models. GSC has recently expanded into the ports of Seattle and Tacoma and plans to implement their successful TAP program in the Pacific Northwest in 2012.

    “TAP is a program funded by GSC and some of our loyal customers like jcpenney, Walgreens, K-LINE America and other major retailers,” said Scott E Taylor, chief executive officer and president of GSC. “Over $600,000 will be awarded during TAP phase 2, beginning November 2011. TAP provides Independent Owner Operators with between $2,000 and $7,000 towards purchasing a newer tractor. These are not loans from TAP which have to be repaid, instead, the program operates as a grant to the Independent Owner Operator.”

    Taylor continues, “we also took the initiative to negotiate with used truck dealers throughout the country, to achieve substantial discounts on 2007 engine compliant trucks, with very attractive trade-in allowances for our Independent Owner Operators. The dealers then work directly with the Owner Operators to finalize the transaction. TAP phase 2 will replace 2004, 2005 and 2006 tractors with 2007 engine models or newer, to achieve CARB compliance through 2020.”

    “GSC Logistics TAP program parallels the Coalition for Responsible Transportation efforts to improve the environmental quality of the ports and ports communities while ensuring job creation and a thriving economy,” said Andres L. Garcia, chairman of the board and executive vice president for GSC Logistics. “The Coalition’s membership is a private sector group, comprised of importers, exporters, trucking companies, ocean carriers, and logistics providers. GSC Logistics is a proud member of the Coalition.”

    “This is an example of how private enterprise can help clean up the environment. It requires no funds from the federal, state, or local governments,” said Andres. “GSC and some of our key customers have developed TAP, by voluntarily contributing a small amount for every ocean container moved. We all benefit in the end. The beneficial cargo owner has greater access to capacity and the best possible service when they need it most. The Independent Owner Operators reduce their operating costs and participate in a greater volume of business. The community benefits through a reduction of toxic emissions and economic growth through business expansion. GSC benefits by supporting customers’ demands for services with CARB compliant equipment, thus, improving the quality of our services and the environment as well.”

    GSC Logistics, Inc. is an Oakland, California-based third party logistics services provider. The company was founded in 1988 to provide ocean, intermodal, and over the road transportation for domestic and import/export customers, to include cross-dock deconsolidation. Additionally, GSC offers overweight transportation, D.C. bypass programs, Direct Store Delivery services, refrigerated transportation, plus a myriad of value added services, designed to remove time and costs from the supply chain. All facilities operated by GSC Logistics are C-TPAT compliant and customs bonded, protected with sophisticated security systems, and supported through integrated E.D.I. communications for inventory management and transportation processes. To learn more about GSC Logistics please visit us at


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